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Unstoppable lyrics


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        Come and lay right on my bed, sit and drink some wine
    I'll try not to make you cry
    And if you'd get inside my head, then you'd understand
    Then you'd understand me
    Why I've felt so alone, why i kept myself from love
    And you became my favorite drug
    So let me take you right now and swallow you down,
    I need you inside

    If we had this night together
    If we had a moment to ourselves
    If we had this night together, then we'd be

    Do you think that this is right, or is it really wrong
    I know that this is what we've been wanting
    And all this is burning in my soul, it fills up to my throat
    It fills up till my heart is breaking


    Now, we can both learn
    Somehow, you'll see it's all we have
    Love, it keeps us together
    and I need love

    When I wake up without you, knowing you're not there
    I'm only feeling half as good
    Well I'm gonna find a way
    To wrap you in my arms, you make me feel alive

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